The hire vehicle database - connect to multiple lease & fleet management companies

The platform provides a secure electronic link between you and a growing network of lease & fleet management companies which allows you to scan and process your PCN data from day one across multiple hirer and lease companies.

Scan anytime its free, you can use the platform on PCN issue or prior to DVLA search for PCN's to be issued by post only pay on receipt of hirer information or payment.

Nothing changes, if the vehicle is not managed by a lease company you just continue with your usual process in conjunction with your KADOE DVLA link or supplier

Register to use the hirer database & start saving on your DVLA & administration costs.

Benefits of using

  • Direct access to the registered keeper (Hire or lease co)
  • SAVE 10-20% of your DVLA costs *
  • No reliance on PoFA - no delay
  • FREE TO SCAN - only pay for hirer information
  • Vastly reduce your labour costs
  • Zero postage & paper costs
  • Use from day one of PCN
  • 100% data delivery
  • Electronic Notice to Keeper
  • Quicker payment or hirer information
  • Send once and access multiple lease companies
  • Direct system APIs & web login
  • Available to operators of all sizes
  • Free technical and encryption assistance

Where hirer information provided normal PCN processing applies - ie you pursue the hirer
* - 2016 BVRLA figure show 10-20% of all PCNs issued in the UK are leased vehicles. is available to all members of: